The African Beach Games are set to make a thrilling return to Hammamet, Tunisia, from 20-30 June, as talented athletes from across the continent gather to compete.


Among the 24 teams participating, Team South Africa will make their debut, determined to showcase their excellence in various beach disciplines. Organized by ANOCA, these games celebrate African sporting prowess and provide a platform for athletes to demonstrate their exceptional skills.

A Platform for Development and Experience

The African Beach Games ignite youth’s passion for beach sports, fostering talent and diversity. Athletes explore unconventional disciplines, shaping their journeys and inspiring future generations. This platform propels African beach events beyond traditional codes, showcasing marathons, badminton, rowing, canoeing, swimming, karate, and wrestling.

Qualifying for the World Beach Games

A stepping stone for African athletes to shine on the world stage as they vie for qualification to the esteemed World Beach Games in Bali. This event showcases their skills, determination, and rich sporting talent within Africa, propelling them toward international recognition. The competition is fierce, but these athletes are ready to make their mark and leave a lasting legacy in beach sports history.

Cultural Exchange and Olympic Values

The African Beach Games go beyond competition, promoting cultural exchange and camaraderie among athletes from diverse regions. This event celebrates the richness of African culture and fosters connections that transcend borders.

The Voice of African Sport

SASCOC President Barry Hendricks expressed his excitement at South Africa’s participation, saying, “We are thrilled to send our team to the African Beach Games for the first time, as it provides a significant platform for the development and experience of our continent’s youth in the promotion of beach events.”

Prepare for an exhilarating display of athleticism and cultural diversity as the African Beach Games kick off in Tunisia. With participants from across the continent showcasing their skills and embracing the vibrant spirit of African sports, this event promises to celebrate excellence, unity, and cultural heritage.




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