It’s time for African athletes to rise to unparalleled heights and claim their rightful place in the history of sporting excellence. Unlock the doors to your dreams by registering yourself for OLY, the prestigious equivalent of a Ph.D. in sports.


OLY allows you to showcase your dedication to your sport while giving you the recognition you deserve. OLY presents a golden opportunity for African athletes who have ventured to the Summer or Winter Olympic Games, giving them the stage to show off their achievements while getting the recognition they deserve.


OLY is a great way to promote yourself, as it captures the attention of anyone who comes across your name on your social media profiles, CV, or business cards. Creating the opportunity to showcase your most outstanding achievements.


OLY doesn’t just promote public recognition and helps you become part of a community of exceptional African athletes who embody the essence of Olympic values. OLY also creates a permanent reminder of your status in society while honouring your work to promote Olympic values.


By using OLY, you can display your achievement of competing at some of the world’s most distinguished sporting events. It also creates the chance to demonstrate the talent and resilience that resides within Africa’s sporting community while forging connections with thousands of Olympians working to improve lives worldwide.


OLY doesn’t only acknowledge your path to the Olympic games, as it extends your reach into business and career advancements. Having OLY proudly displayed on your professional platforms will open many doors, linking you with exciting opportunities that will help your career thrive.


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to embrace the transformative power of OLY and take your extraordinary story to the world stage. Register now, show off your valiant efforts to the world, and embark on the next exciting chapter of your journey, where your achievements will shine brightly.


Register now:


Contact us: Info@protouch.Africa


Photo Credit: Westend61 




PROTOUCH AFRICA is a purpose-driven and for-profit Sports Tech, business founded in 2016 with the purpose to enable African Athletes to perform on the World Stage. It is pioneering new ways for fans to interact and engage with their favourite teams, leagues and athletes and enable alternative revenue streams.


ProTouch Africa’s Podium Pursuit Project is focused on creating a transparent and sustainable funding mechanism for the next generation of African Athletes. Its vision is to launch the World’s first fan-owned impact investment platform for African Athletes, by assembling an ecosystem of top-performing athletes, their fans and the brands that support them. 


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