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ProTouch Africa’s mid-week writing series in association with The Players NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) is designed to empower athletes to take control of their image in a way that will benefit their career. Not only is our team committed to the development of African athletes but we working closely with The Players NIL to make their course more applicable to the African context. 


The ‘Empowering Athletes’ series kicks off with a deeper look at the first pillar of The Players NIL course; personal brand development and why modern athletes must engage with the digital world.


In today’s digital climate, athletes must focus on personal brand development to shape their perceptions. Social media platforms have become powerful tools for establishing and enhancing personal brands. Athletes can reach a wider audience, gain influence, and create opportunities by actively engaging with their followers. Sharing stories, achievements, and personalities through social media allows athletes to connect with fans, teammates, and potential sponsors.


Digital marketing plays a crucial role in personal brand development. Athletes must effectively market themselves to ensure their brand reaches the public. Creating compelling and authentic content is essential to grab the target audience’s attention. By sharing experiences, insights, and passions, athletes can build a loyal following and establish themselves as influencers.


Building a personal brand increases an athlete’s influence and earning potential. Athletes can attract endorsement deals, collaborations, and sponsorship opportunities with a solid personal brand. By effectively managing their brand and cultivating a positive public image, athletes can open doors to financial success and personal growth.


Taking control of their brand allows athletes to shape the narrative surrounding their careers, accomplishments, and personal lives. By actively managing their brand, athletes can ensure that the image others create aligns with their true values and goals. Athletes must consider critical elements such as choosing the right platforms, exploring opportunities outside of their sport, and incorporating products and services into their brand message.


Controlling the narrative also involves being intentional about storytelling. Athletes can craft a compelling message by considering the main theme, key points, audience connection, and desired call to action. By sharing personal stories of overcoming adversity and giving back to the community, athletes can inspire and engage their followers.


Adhering to social media best practices is crucial. Athletes should tailor their content to suit different platforms and engage with followers. Tracking social media engagement metrics provides valuable insights into content effectiveness. By evaluating their social media value, athletes can refine their approach and better connect with their audience.


Ultimately, personal brand development is crucial for athletes’ development in the digital landscape. By leveraging social media platforms and implementing effective digital marketing strategies, athletes can build their brand, shape their narrative, and open doors to success.


Image by drobotdean on Freepik




PROTOUCH AFRICA is a purpose-driven and for-profit Sports Tech, business founded in 2016 with the purpose to enable African Athletes to perform on the World Stage. It is pioneering new ways for fans to interact and engage with their favourite teams, leagues and athletes and enable alternative revenue streams.


ProTouch Africa’s Podium Pursuit Project is focused on creating a transparent and sustainable funding mechanism for the next generation of African Athletes. Its vision is to launch the World’s first fan-owned impact investment platform for African Athletes, by assembling an ecosystem of top-performing


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